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Custom Process and Batch Process Testing

Add Custom Processes Testing into Your End‑to‑End Automation

Use BotzAutomation to automate the verification of your custom processes, such as batch jobs, custom file operations and custom scripting to ensure that they are working as expected and that they are integrated with your end‑to‑end automated testing.
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Supporting Custom Process Testing

Batch Process
Trigger application batch processes as part of the automated execution and verify the data generated.
End‑to‑End Testing
Automate and validate end‑to‑end processes, integrations, associated APIs and batch processes with a single tool.
Custom Scripts
Use our powerful SDK to customize and integrate your custom scripts into automation.
Custom validations
Create custom processes to perform validation on file contents, output values and non‑standard operations.
Extended Automation
Go beyond your standard validations to increase the quality of your verification processes.
Orchestrated Execution
Integrate UI validation with API, File  and Batch process verification and execute using Orchestrated workflows.

BotzAutomation Benefits

Custom process automation is easy to develop and maintain with our powerful SDK.
Reduce Effort
Develop un‑attended automated execution that spans across multiple systems and services.
Integrated Validation
Integrate batch jobs or custom process validation along with your UI functional validation.
Faster execution
Call services, processes in sequence, parallel, conditional based on the pre‑requisite transaction status.
Test real-time processes
With orchestrated executions, apply rules and conditions and execute tests in dependent mode without manual intervention.
Real-time monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs in real‑time.

Supported Testing

Smoke Test
Integrate with your CICD pipeline and perform automated build certification.
Lifecycle Testing
Include batch process verification in validating end‑to‑end processes.
Regression Testing
Execute and verify the system key features are working fine.
Batch process Testing
Execute Batch process and validate the output values, and contents

Take Your Testing to the Next Level

Let us show you how our tool can help you quickly implement batch or custom process testing into your automation strategy.
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