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How We Started

As seasoned testers and automation developers, we at RapidBotz have personally seen software become increasingly more complex, users demand quicker rollout of new features and organizations mandate a high degree of quality in their applications and processes. Unable to find a solution that met our technical and commercial needs, we decided to create an innovative and technologically advanced solution that would effectively solve the end-to-end testing and automation challenges that our clients face.
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Meet BotzAutomation

BotzAutomation provides the ability to test and automate multiple architectural components, such as the user interface, APIs, databases, queues, batch processes, reports and files, in one test flow using a single solution. Companies no longer must fill the gaps by using multiple tools that only provide automation capability for single components.
Gone also are the days where multiple teams and (expensive) tools need to be involved just to accomplish one process flow because tools don't talk to each other; or companies need dedicated automation teams with specialized scripting knowledge to quickly create and update enterprise-wide testing capabilities. BotzAutomation allows engineering and business teams to be more agile, reduce automation costs and adopt a faster go-to-market strategy.
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Meet our team

Mr. Jacob Antony, Chief Executive Officer of RapidBotz.

Jacob Antony

Chief Executive Officer
As a serial entrepreneur, Jacob started his career as the founder of two IT staffing firms, one of which created one of the first web conferencing solutions. Jacob sold that business and created Levare, which developed several innovative software solutions for the global marketplace.

Mani Bharathi

Mani is passionate about Web Application Development, Business Intelligence, Software automation & Data engineering. He has helped many companies develop and maintain mission critical SaaS applications. He is also passionate about designing well architected solutions that are auto scaling & self-healing in nature, leveraging cloud native solutions and Infrastructure as a Code tools.
Mani Bharathi, Architect of RapidBotz.

Frank Rajan

Head of International Sales
With nearly three decades of experience in Information Technologies and a proven track record as an entrepreneur, Frank Rajan is responsible for expanding RapidBotz’s global market presence and building strong relationships with distributors, retailers, and key accounts worldwide.

BotzAutomation offers integrations to the following platforms

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