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BotzAutomation’s PDF testing capabilities

Validate Documents and Packages
Use the No-Code/Low-Code PDF components to identify and validate the data in the PDF documents and packages.
Validate Dynamic Data
Test PDFs which are populated with real-time dynamic data generated from upstream systems.
Integrated PDF Validation
Integrate PDF validation along with your Web and mobile automation test cases and perform end-to-end validation.

Benefits of using BotzAutomation for PDF testing

Easy To Use
Use the BotzAutomation PDF component to validate the system generated PDF documents content and data.
Integrated PDF Validation
Combine PDF automated validation along with upstream automation testing.
Integrations Eith CI/DevOps Tools
No need to create additional extensions to run tests.
Test Real-Time Processes
With orchestration, automate testing of real-time user activity by applying rules, conditions, and automatic decision-making capabilities.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs for all BotzAgents in real-time.
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Common questions about PDF testing

PDF documents are often public facing and organizations need to trust that these are generated reliably, they are correct, and that the intended readers can open them and see what they need to see or fill out the necessary information.

Security is also a big concern. You don't want your PDFs to be vulnerable to slip bombs. Finally, you want to ensure that your PDFs to be compatible with multiple vendors, applications, browsers and devices.

When testing PDF documents, it is important to test the PDF validity, layout and data. PDF validity tests whether the PDF is generated correctly and with the right content. PDF layout ensures that the documents looks as per requirements and PDF data verifies that the document was created as per the tags that surround the content on the document.

Other PDF tests to consider include verifying the content of the PDF and whether the PDF downloads.

It is simple – use BotzAutomation.

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