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What does orchestration mean?

Unlike automation, which typically focuses on a discreet step such as a script, a UI action or a business process, orchestration is the process of testing multiple business processes of varying complexity at scale across the organization. Orchestration tests a sequence of activities and can involve coordinating tasks, making decisions based on outputs, and adapting to changing conditions.

There are benefits of moving from simple automation to orchestration. Some of the biggest benefits is that orchestration can be used to perform very complex testing, can test all aspects of an application, and it improves the overall quality and productivity of the delivery team.

Orchestration capabilities with BotzAutomation

Drag-And-Drop Canvas
Quickly select components, add flows and bind them using connectors with our visual drag-and-drop canvas
Intelligent Decision Making
Apply rules and conditions to add decision making capabilities to your orchestration testing
Real-Time Visual Feedback
Receives real-time status for each step from all your BotzAgents for better analysis
Botz Agent Tracking
View the status of all Botz Agents during executions
Parallel Executions
Execute several processes at once to test real-time scenarios
Instantaneous Reporting
Get status on all parallel and dependency test flows
Orchestration flowchart.

Orchestration is easy with BotzAutomation

Use the drag and drop interface to automate the interaction between multiple architectural components, such as User Interfaces,Databases,Queues,Batch Processes, reports and files, to create sophisticated automation tests that drive quality and reduces costs.
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By 2025, 80% of organizations using traditional automation tools will switch to platforms that support process orchestration. - Gartner
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Other benefits of BotzAutomation

Enterprise-Wide Solution
Test across multilayer architecture including Core/Web Applications, Digtal Applications, Databases,Batch Processes and Documents.
Integrations CI/DevOps and Other Tools
No need to create additional extensions to run tests.
Accelarate End-To-End Testing
Drag-And-Drop Canvas, No-Code/Low-Code approach and integrations accelerates testing across the enterprise.
Test Real-Time Processes
With Orchestration, automate testing of Real-Time user activity by applying rules, conditions, and automatic decision-making capabilities.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs for all BotzAgents in Real-Time.
Cost Savings
Execution using Cloud Agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.

What is orchestration in the cloud?

Cloud Orchestration involves automating the tasks needed to manage connections and operations in private and public clouds. It involves testing policy enforcement, ensuring processes have the right permissions to execute or connect to a workload, and verifying that cloud resources are optimized for performance and costs.

Cloud orchestration can help to identify where and how various users, apps, and services are consuming resources, find mismatches between workload requirements and the resources supporting them, adapt resources to align with workload demands, and automate the reclamation of unused capacity – all designed to optimize operations and reduce costs.

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A vector image illustrates cloud orchestration.

Testing types that benefit from Orchestration

System Testing(End-To-End Testing)
Validate the complete and fully integrated software product
Business Process Testing
Validate processes across functions, systems, applications and more
Upgrade Testing
Verify product functionality after upgrades
Compliance Testing
Validate against predefined standards and regulations

Other features of BotzAutomation

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