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Test data management capabilities with BotzAutomation

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Component-Level Data
Datasets are created under each components. When there is a change in the target application or test data, only the component datasets need to be updated – making it easier to manage, review and update.
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Flow-Level Data
Flow-level data is created using the component dataset. Since the system relies on this dataset, any change in data does not impact the flow or flow datasets – reducing the time and effort to keep automation tests updated.
Data Sheet icon.
Data Sheet
Like a data dictionary, users can map a data column to their component data. This system makes it even easier to manage and update the data, especially for Large Integrations /API Test Cases.
Runtime Data Handling icon.
Runtime Data Handling
Use data and responses produced during test executions to reduce the effort to create tests for upcoming flows in large executions.
Dynamic Data Provision icon.
Dynamic Data Provision
Reduce the time to develop data for tests by using the application to generate dynamic data or use the preload functions to create data without duplication.
Response Data Usage icon.
Response Data Usage
Increase the depth of your tests by using the pre-built functions to generate, manipulate and parse values from responses and use in flows.
Execution Data Scope icon.
Execution Data Scope
Make it easier to identify issues by executing in multiple modes, such as fluent, orchestration, dependency, parallel and sequential modes, and reviewing the data which is generated in each execution mode.

What makes BotzAutomation’s test management different?

Unlike other tools, where the user must update the data in each test case when there is a change, BotzAutomation’s use of a component-level dataset creates a “single source of truth” for the data which reduces the time and effort to maintain test cases when there is a change.
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Other Benefits of BotzAutomation

Enterprise-Wide Solution
Test across multilayer architecture including core / web applications, digital applications, databases, batch processes and documents.
Integrations CI/CD,DevOps and Other Tools
No need to create additional extensions to run tests.
Accelerate End-To-End Testing
Drag-And-Drop Canvas, No-Code/Low-Code approach and integrations accelerates testing across the enterprise.
Test Real-Time Processes
With orchestration, automate testing of real-time user activity by applying rules, conditions, and automatic decision‑making capabilities.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs for all BotzAgents in real‑time.
Cost Savings
Execution using Cloud Agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.

Other features of BotzAutomation

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Get started with BotzAutomation

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