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BotzAutomation’s mobile app testing capabilities

Test Authoring
Easily build automated test cases for native, web and hybrid mobile applications. Execute in physical devices, and emulators.
Orchestration icon.Orchestration
Test real-time end-to-end flows that test real user activity by integrating mobile apps with web, API, document and database testing. Apply rules, conditions and automatic decision-making capabilities to automate the real-time end user testing.
Execute mobile automation in real devices, emulators, and cloud platforms. Update test execution results into your test management tools.

Benefits of using BotzAutomation for mobile app testing

High Reusability
Build mobile automation using components which are high reusable.
Easy To Use
Drag-and-Drop-Canvas, No-Code/Low-Code approach and integrations makes mobile testing easy to create and maintain.
Integrations With CI/DevOps Tools
No need to create additional extensions to run tests.
Test Real-Time Processes
With Orchestration, automate testing of real-time user activity by applying rules, conditions, and automatic decision-making capabilities.
Parallel Execution
Execute mobile automation in multiple devices and platform in parallel.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs for all BotzAgents in real-time.
Cost Savings
Execution using Cloud Agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.
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Common questions about mobile application testing

Mobile application testing verifies the quality, compatibility, features, functionality, usability, and security of applications across multiple devices and platforms. To effectively test mobile applications, test teams will do the following:

  • Verify functionalities across different operating system(OS) versions
  • Test responsiveness like appearance in portrait and landscape mode
  • Validate compatibility when operated using different settings, browsers
  • Test the GUI, like menus and navigation buttons, for functionality.
Making applications available on mobile devices increases software usability. Here are 7 statistics that explain why thorough and effective mobile testing is important:
  • Almost 90% of mobile internet time is spent in apps (eMarketer)
  • App crashes cause 71% of uninstalls (AppSamurai)
  • 58% are frustrated by interface inconsistencies (eWeek)
  • 52% said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company (Northern Arizona University)
  • 29% will abandon an app if they don’t find it valuable (Google APIs)
  • 70% abandon an app because it takes too long to load (Google APIs)
  • 43% are unhappy if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for an app to load (AppSamurai)
  • Ensures proper functioning – Confirms that functionality is the same across all platforms
  • Provides good user experience – Tests whether the UI, like the navigation, is intuitive and logical
  • Increases customer loyalty and revenue – According to Northern Arizona University, 52% of respondents said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. Having a good mobile experience ensures that customers remain engaged.
  • Reduces testing time during development – Manual tests demand a significant amount of time and automated testing improves QA (and app release) speed and efficiency.
  • Reduces app development and maintenance costs – Automation reduces the costs of regression and interoperability testing compared to manual testing.
  • Improves user experience – automation allows more tests to be completed prior to release which allows developers to discover more bugs before the release of apps.
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How to do mobile app testing

Functional Testing
Ensure that all the features meet required specifications and are responsive. This includes unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing and sanity testing.
Usability Testing
Also known as experience testing or UI testing, centers around the end-user experience and responsiveness.
Compatibility Testing
Verify that the app runs on different operating systems, devices running different hardware, and various network environments.
Security Testing
Test the app’s data security role features and behavior under different device permission schemes.

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