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BotzAutomation API testing capabilities

RESTful API Testing icon.
RESTful API Testing
Test all JSON and XML-based web apps, including GET, PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE methods.
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SOAP API Testing
Test how the system creates, retrieves, updates or deletes records and custom objects from a server.
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GraphQL API Testing
Ensure that the schemas, queries, and mutations created between front-end systems and backend APIs operate as expected.

Intelligent API auto capture

Convert your API specifications into automatable test cases in a snap using Botz API Recorder
Vector icon of SOAP API.
WSDL Specifications
Vector icon of REST API
Swagger, Open API Spec, Post man collections
Vector icon of GraphQL.
GraphQL Schema

Benefits of using BotzAutomation for API testing

Easy To Use
No-Code/Low-Code approach and integrations makes API testing easy to create and maintain.
API Recorder
Convert your API specification into automatable test cases in a snap using Botz API Recorder.
API Centric
Get support for RESTful, SOAP and GraphQL API from a single tool.
Integrated Validation
Integrate your API validation along with your UI functional validation.
Integrations CI/CD, DevOps
No need to create additional extensions to run API tests.
Test Real-Time API Processes
With orchestrated Executions apply rules and conditions, and execute APIs on dependent mode without manual intervention.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor API execution status and logs in real-time.
Cost Savings
Execution using Cloud Agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.

Simple steps to Automate your APIs using BotzAutomation

Simple steps to Automate your APIs using BotzAutomation
Upload your API specifications.
Create API Component automatically for all the specifications.
Update parameterization and provide data.
Add Actions to verify responses, capture value from the responses.
Execute Orchestrated execution and email the results.
BotzAutomation helps you confidently answer these questions
  • Do the API functions work as defined?
  • Does the API consistently connect?
  • Does the API deliver consistent and expected results?
  • Can the API handle many calls?
  • Does the API work as expected when used in in different ways?
  • Do the API’s authentication, permissions, access controls and other security features operate as expected?
  • Does the API’s error handling function work when wrong inputs are sent?
Vector illustration of API automation support.
Vector illustration of API testing FAQs.

Common questions about API testing

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allows different systems or layers of an application to communicate with each other. API testing consists of making requests to a single or sometimes multiple API endpoints and validating the response.
API testing helps to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces.
API testing is an area where automated testing is highly recommended. Tools like BotzAutomation support API testing without the need for coding or scripting. The components-based model enables easy API testing.
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Testing types that benefit from API testing

Vector icon of Unit testing.
Unit Testing
Test small, isolated pieces of code during the development phase
Vector icon of Integration testing.
Integration Testing
Test interfaces between systems
Runtime Error Detection
Analyze how the system executes and reports defects
Vector icon of Interoperability testing.
Interoperability Testing
Test a software's interaction with its components and other software
Fuzz Testing
Stress a system by injecting invalid, malformed, or unexpected inputs

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Get started with BotzAutomation

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