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Effortlessly automate your Guidewire ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter and BillingCenter functionalities using the advanced capabilities offered by BotzAutomation.
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BotzAutomation’s Guidewire testing capabilities

Component-based test authoring
Automate testing Guidewire APIs, integrations and backend data using the Guidewire add-on and without writing any code.
Guidewire API Testing
Convert your Guidewire RESTful API specifications into automatable test cases in a snap.
PDF Document Package Testing
Verify claims EOB, acknowledgement documents, policy document packages, billing invoice documents.
Integrate UI validation with API, PDF, and Digital validation and perform end-to-end Orchestrated workflows.
Enterprise Application Testing
Automate and validate end-to-end of Self-service portal, Agency portal, Quote & Buy portals and associated APIs.
Cloud Testing
Verify Guidewire cloud upgrades using the BotzAutomation cloud add-ons. No code or update needed for the upgrade.

Benefits of using BotzAutomation for Guidewire testing

No-code/low-code automation approach makes Guidewire testing easy to create and maintain.
No code Guidewire objects identification
Capture Guidewire screens and components automatically using NLP add-on that identifies all Guidewire objects without coding and manual effort.
Automation with API Recording
Convert your Guidewire API specification into automatable test cases using the Botz API Recorder.
One Test Automation Platform
Use one tool for all your Guidewire automation. BotzAutomation supports all types of Guidewire testing and executes in an integrated manner.
Integrated Validation
Integrate your Guidewire API validation along with your UI functional validation.
Test real-time processes
With orchestrated executions, apply rules and conditions and execute tests in dependent mode without manual intervention.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs in real-time.
Cost Savings
Execution using cloud agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.

BotzAutomation supports all Guidewire testing types

In-Sprint Testing
Automate Guidewire sprint test cases in parallel with configuration changes. Develop regression suite incrementally and execute it in each sprint.
PolicyCenter Time Travel Testing
Automate and execute unattended Guidewire PolicyCenter clock advancement / time travel testing using Orchestration module.
Life cycle Testing
Automate Guidewire policy, claim, billing lifecycles. Execute with dependency rules and conditions.
Guidewire API Integration Testing
Automate Guidewire integration layers APIs easily without writing code.
Document Testing
Automate verification of policy packages, claim documents, and billing invoices.
Business Process Testing
Automate real-time business process flows using orchestration for end-to-end testing.
Guidewire Upgrade Testing
Verify and certify upgrades by automating and running regression test flows to verify existing functionality.
CI/CD, Build Verification Testing
Integrate BotzAutomation into CI/CD pipeline and certify the build automatically without human intervention.

How to tackle Guidewire automation challenges


With BotzAutomation…

Complex steps and data in Guidewire automation
  • Testers with no coding experience can build automation of Guidewire products
  • Users can leverage prebuilt Guidewire components to reduce the number of steps that need to be automated since components offer one true source for Guidewire screens and objects
  • Guidewire automation is faster and less costly to build, and easier to maintain
Need for manual changes and custom code in Guidewire Standards-Based Templates (SBT)
  • The tool integrates SBT fields easily into Guidewire’s out-of-the-box (OOTB) components.
  • It takes less time to build automation suites for SBTs, automation test creation process is simpler and the need of expensive and time-consuming custom code is reduced.
Need extensive coding to automate Guidewire API
  • Users have access to functionality to automate Guidewire APIs that includes API validation and verification; and captures dynamic data in response. Pre-built Guidewire API components eliminates the need for coding for API automation.
  • Allows testers to capture runtime data and verify API responses seamlessly. Testers can also integrate and orchestrate UI transactions with API components seamlessly.
Painful process to identify all Guidewire objects
  • The tool auto scans the Guidewire screens to create the components and embeds objects within each of its components.
  • There is no need for testers to manually identify fields and objects. No more painful and manual processes to create the Guidewire fields and objects within the automation tool.
Slow process to get started with Guidewire automation
  • The Orchestration feature enables the development of real-time, end-to-end test flows. It also supports cross platform automation and a single platform to automate across web interfaces, APIs and databases.
  • The pre-built Guidewire components for all lines of business, makes it easier to move away from smaller testcases and increase the efficiency of regression packages.
Expensive test automation maintenance
  • The system uses a component-based system, that is more intuitive to use to create and maintain testcases. It also reduces duplicate dataset and automation bloat by relying on one true source for application screens and objects.
  • You don’t need coders to create your automation test cases. Testers can build tests during in-spring testing that works within the application and across the enterprise.
Incomplete verification of Guidewire table data, forms, rating worksheets, UW and errors
  • Organizations can identify, verify, and validate all Guidewire tables, forms, ratings, error messages natively.
  • Testers can easily automate using the solution’s UI. Organizations also do not need to rely on extensive coding to identify dynamic tables and runtime errors or verify the error messages, which saves time and effort.
Time consuming to integrate Guidewire API with Guidewire UI automation business test flows
  • Companies can create the integrated Guidewire API+UI automated flows.
  • Testers and SMEs can create the tests for API automation and integrate them with UI validations. This means that to create comprehensive automations, the testers simply need to execute the flows on Guidewire screens and the functionalities are ready for testing.
Difficult to create effective regression suite for business lifecycle automation
  • Testers and Business SMEs can build, orchestrate, and execute the Claims, Policy, Billing lifecycle transactions by configuring the dependency, rules, and conditions. They can also reuse the existing functional level tests to create the lifecycle transactions.
  • There is no dependency on automation developer and the business can get business signoff easily.
Difficult to perform Time Travel automation testing for Guidewire policy and billing
  • The user-friendly Orchestration canvas helps to create the real-time execution planning and the pre-built components for Guidewire clock and time changes, batch executions and validations allows for the execution of large set of policy, billing transactions on coordinated manner in parallel.
  • Companies can reduce test costs by executing all automated tests in parallel based on the clock time and batches.
Manual effort to upgrade Guidewire Cloud automation
  • The tool is ready to execute automation on the Guidewire Cloud version as screens are upgraded.
  • This means that automation is in ready for execution when a Guidewire page is ready.
Too many automation tools
  • Testers have a single platform for UI and API automation.
  • Users can build end-to-end multi-system automated tests that easily create policy, claims transactions on the Guidewire systems and call API services for validation and perform database operations for the data streamed to the down-stream systems.
  • This reduces effort and easily tests the integration between the UI and the API.

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