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BotzAutomation’s SQL and NoSQL database testing capabilities

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CRUD operation
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Executing functions
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Executing stored procedure

Benefits of using BotzAutomation for database testing

Easy To Use
No-Code/Low-Code approach and integrations makes Database testing easy to create and maintain.
Integrated Validation
Integrate your database validation along with your UI functional and API validation.
Integrations with CI/DevOps
No need to create additional extensions to run tests.
Test Real-Time Processes
With orchestration, automate testing of real-time user activity by applying rules, conditions, and automatic decision-making capabilities.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs for all BotzAgents in real-time.
Cost Savings
Execution using Cloud Agents provides unlimited scaling and saves on hardware costs.
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Common questions about Database testing

A database is a collection of multiple and uniquely formatted data, files, reports, data structure, tables, queries, views, and other elements. Database testing checks the schema, tables, triggers and more of a database to ensure that they are operating as expected. Common areas of database testing include functional testing, compatibility testing, load testing, and regression testing.
  • Accurate Data Mapping: Ensure the fields in the user interface map correctly with the corresponding fields in the database table.
  • ACID Properties Integrity: Ensure the Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability (ACID) of the data stored in database
  • Data Integrity: Ensure consistency of data across various forms and screens and that data is updated simultaneously.
  • Consistent Business Rules Behavior: Validate that rules meet expected behaviors.

Database testing ensures that

  • Transaction/data integrity is maintained
  • Risk of data loss is reduced
  • Validate Transactions based data
  • Your software functions as designed
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How to get started with database testing

When designing your database testing strategy, consider testing the following:
Transactions icon.
Ensure that each of the ACID properties works accurately and that data integrity is maintained.
Data mapping icon.
Data Mapping
Verify data based on the mappings.
CRUD Operations icon.
CRUD Operations
Ensure correct CRUD operation is invoked for every user action at UI and CRUD operation is successful.
Schema icon.
Ensure that each object in the scheme works as it should. Objects to test include database names, database settings, tables, space for each database, keys and indexes.
Stored Procedures icon.
Stored Procedures
Test user-defined functions by invoking by call procedure or execute procedure statements and validating the outputs.

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