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No-code/Low-code Salesforce Automation

End-to-end Salesforce automation testing for high CRM performance

Perform faster and more comprehensive feature, performance and regression testing using BotzAutomation to verify Salesforce functionality and integrations with other systems.
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Features to support Salesforce testing

Test authoring
Easily build automated test cases for the salesforce cloud using no-code automation / low-code automation
Test real-time end-to-end Salesforce workflows, including business rules, conditions and tests.
Test Salesforce integrations with other web applications, APIs and documents
Auto discover objects
Auto scan Salesforce application, identify lighting objects and create reusable assets for faster automation.
Label-based automation
Use Natural Language Process (NLP) by identifying the labels instead of relying on objects or locators.
Auto switch, dynamic waits
Auto switch between frames and apply dynamic wait to identify objects to ensure seamless automation.
SOAP API Automation
Integrate Salesforce SOAP API, REST API calls into automation to ensure that APIs are working as expected.
GraphQL API Automation
Auto record Salesforce GraphQL API requests, create reusable assets and test the APIs.
Functional test groups
Create pre-built Salesforce functional test groups and build actual test flows within minutes by sequencing them.

Botz Automation benefits

Users with no-coding experience can automate the Salesforce functionalities, build automated regression test suites easily and maintain them easily.
End-to-end testing
Test functionality within and outside of the Salesforce platform for flawless validation.
Integrated validation
Integrate Soap API, Rest API, GraphQL API, PDF, Database, Custom processes, and batch job validation along with your UI functional validation.
Faster execution
Call services, processes in sequence, parallel, conditional based on the prerequisite transaction status.
Test Real-Time Processes
With orchestrated executions, apply rules and conditions and execute tests in dependent mode without manual intervention.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor execution status and logs in real-time.

Supported testing for Salesforce applications

Unit Testing
Test individual Fields, Business Rules, workflows to verify their functionality Execute the automated test flow in development environment early to uncover the issues faster
Integration Testing
Verify the interactions between different Salesforce automation components and external systems to ensure data flows without any issues or data loss.
End to end Business process testing
Validate real-world scenarios, customizations and configurations to ensure the Salesforce system meets business users’ needs, requirements and expectations.
API Testing
Verify APIs automated manner to ensure that the Salesforce internal and external system are connected as per the mapping. Regression testing of API’s is faster to complete.
Regression Testing
Test to ensure that any upgrades, maintenance, patches and enhancements do not adversely affect existing functionality of Salesforce.
Data Integrity Testing
Verify Salesforce data to ensure that data is captured, stored, and processed correctly, and that calculations, formulas, and data mappings are accurate.

Getting started with Salesforce Sales automation

Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform with thousands of functions. Salesforce automation with BotzAutomation eliminates repetitive and mundane testing and makes complex end-to-end testing easier. Here are areas to test with BotzAutomation within the Sales product.
Lead Management
Test capturing, tracking, and managing leads throughout the sales cycle, including lead generation, lead assignment, lead scoring, and lead nurturing.
Opportunity Management
Test tracking and managing opportunities, including pipeline visibility, sales forecasting, and deal closure.
Contact and Account Management
Verify customer and prospect information, including contact details, interactions, purchase history, and communication preferences.
Sales Process
Verify sending automated email responses, scheduling follow-up activities, and generating quotes or proposals.
Task and Activity Management
Verify task management, including prioritizing and tracking activities, setting reminders, and receiving notifications.
Workflow Automations
Test standardized processes, business rules enforcements, and collaboration across different teams or departments.
Reporting and Analytics
Verify generation of sales reports and performance metrics.
Verify data exchange and synchronization with ERPs, marketing automation tools, or customer support systems.
Mobile Access
Ensure access to customer information, update records, and manage tasks on the go.

Industry-specific Salesforce automation

Use Botz Automation to test your industry-specific Salesforce platform including
Consumer Goods
Energy & Utilities
Financial Services
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Public Sector

Take your testing to the next level

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